Venezuela to regulate shark fishing

by | May 28, 2009

Translated from article below:

Venezuela to regulate shark fishing

After the coming into force of Article 23 of the Fishing and Agriculture Law, which banned the industrial fish trawling, the Socialist Institute for Fishing and Aquaculture (INSOPESCA) expects to take actions to regulate shark fishing.

This measure is included in the previsions assumed by INOPESCA, since it considers this kind of fishing could be subjected to overexploitation and affect its sustainability.

In this regard, the shark fishing regulation represents one of the most remarkable proposals given the high commercial value of the shark’s fin. If approved, Venezuela could be exempt of the crisis that threatens this kind of fish in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ornamental and sport fishing could also be modified. Regarding the sport fishing, we are studying the kind of fish for this practice, while the ornamental fishing requires new regulations in order to control its exploitation in the sea and river.

Insopesca Press Office / May 21, 2009

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