A message fron our CREMA friend Sharon Kwok

by | Jul 14, 2019

A message from our CREMA friend Sharon Kwok

Many might ask why we have a ‘conservation’ day for one of our most fearsome APEX predators. Well, the answer is simple; we need #sharks, and our #ocean needs sharks also.

Currently, of the 440+ species of sharks, about 1/3 of them are commercially hunted for their fins, and it is estimated that 70-100 millions of sharks are finned per year for consumption in #sharkfinsoup

As #apexpredators, sharks play an important role in maintaining the balance of our marine #ecosystem, and serving as an indicator for ocean’s health. Sharks remove the weak and sick fish from our oceans, and they also keep a balance between competitors helping to ensure species #diversity. So, by destroying shark populations, we would ultimately destroy our oceans – our life support system!

#Consumers plays an important role in the #sharkfintrade and our actions directly impact the demand for shark fins. So next time you see shark fin soup on a menu or at a banquet, #saynotosharkfinsoup and choose an alternative dish to help #saveouroceans