Sharks in Costa Rica are unprotected! Since May 2017, during the Solis Rivera administration (2014-2018), it was enacted that sharks are not wildlife, perpetuating the process of overfishing and extinction. The Alvarado-Quesada administration (2018-2022) always supported this overfishing policy, in disagreement with the conviction of Costa Ricans with the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Now …you can help change that! There is a bill in the Legislative Assembly that would restore the endangered sharks to their wildlife status, which has already been unanimously approved by the Environmental Commission. Let’s tell Rodrigo Arias, President of the Legislative Assembly, to process this bill as a matter of urgency and submit it to a plenary vote during the current ordinary session.

We invite you to sign this petition and send letters to Mr. Rodrigo to his email:,  with the hashtag #LosTiburonesSonVidaSilvestre and #TiburonesAlPlenarioYa, to save Costa Rica’s sharks. Send a copy of the letters sent to