Sharks are to much important for human survival

by | May 7, 2019

Sharks are to much important for human survival

Let’s look for some considerations

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. 70% of the air you just took into your lungs came from a healthy ocean. Sharks play a unique and irreplaceable role in keeping our Oceans healthy. Despite this fact, 100+ MILLION sharks are slaughtered every single year, just for satisfied Assia’s shak fin demand, and other industries.

Think about that for a moment. We are literally witnessing the imminent extinction of all shark species. Now I ask this, what happens to the Oceans when every last shark is gone? We have no idea, by the moment, but probably we are going to have an answer to this question soon.

It’s OUR responsibility as consumers to see this come to an end. If you see shark meat or byproducts being sold, speak up. Ask the manager to consider discontinuing the item. Write to companies that are using squalane/squalene in their lotions, sunscreens, cosmetics, etc. Some of them have switched to the plant sourced version, but others have not. Urge them to make the switch. Send emails, snail mail, start a petition, write to your government officials, stand up, and speak out against the decimation of our Oceans.

We’re connected to our Oceans in more ways than most people acknowledge. We rely on them for our survival. If we break that link, there’s no coming back. Share this information with others, many people around us have no idea about what we are doing to sharks, it is an educational issue. Spread the knowledge you have. 

Thanks to our friends from SHARKTOPIA for sharing this info.