Congresswoman Paola Vega says sharks are not a commercial species

As already stated by Court I, a change in regulations, such as stripping the Ministry of Environment and Energy of its CITES authority over shark species threatened with extinction in order to hand it over to the Costa Rican Fishery and Aquaculture Institute requires by law, public consultation, which in the first instance did not occur. In addition, there is only a simple decree, without scientific basis, that disputes Costa Rica’s intention to protect these vulnerable species. Precisely because of this, the First Chamber declared that the DE 40379, annulled by Chamber I, was contrary to the legal order. Now Incopesca intends to revive that decree.

Within the Legislative Assembly, there are deputies who know exactly about the shark problem and the bad image our country projects by not protecting them. Therefore, the President is being asked not to allow Incopesca’s initiative to advance.

Thank you Paola Vega for your support for the conservation of threatened marine species.

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