Natural Resources Defense Council Urges International Community to Defend Leatherback National Park

by | Aug 31, 2009

We need your immediate help to save one of the few remaining
populations of leatherback turtles found in Costa Rica.

Natural Resources Defense Council is based in Washington D.C.

Natural Resources Defense Council is based in Washington D.C.

The Costa Rican government is considering a proposal to downgrade Las
Baulas National Marine Park — home to the critically endangered
leatherback turtle — in a move that could be devastating for the

Please click here to send a letter urging the Costa Rican government to maintain national park status for Las Baulas.

If the park is downgraded, it would allow for development in sensitive
areas near the turtles’ nesting sites. Leatherback turtles return year
after year to Las Baulas to lay eggs on the beach where they hatched,
and any development has the potential to disrupt this delicate cycle.

The leatherback population in the Pacific Ocean has already plummeted
90% in the last 20 years. Today, fewer than 1,000 of these magnificent
creatures survive in the entire eastern Pacific.

With leatherback turtles so perilously close to extinction, it is
unconscionable to allow more development that could endanger their few
remaining nesting sites.

Thank you for taking action to protect Costa Rica’s wildlife.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council