This measure is promoted by INCOPESCA via a decree

The initiative of the fishing sector to continue with the exploitation and trade of hammerhead sharks is agreed by INCOPESCA, which considers that sharks are not wildlife, but commercial species.

However, the Minister of Environment Andrea Meza has made it clear that she does not agree with the trade in hammerhead sharks and asks MAG to desist from promoting a decree that would authorize the trade of products from hammerhead sharks, despite the fact that these species are classified as critically endangered and listed in Appendix II of CITES, precisely to restrict international trade. The downside of this is that INCOPESCA would be given full CITES scientific authority over hammerhead sharks and other species, and all of these species would be destined for extinction.

We applaud the initiative expressed by the Minister of MINAE and believe that it is now necessary to protect sharks threatened with extinction under a strict protection policy, as they deserve and as enacted by the Wildlife Conservation Law in Articles 14 paragraph c, 61 and 75.

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