CREMA Memberships


Join the struggle to save marine biodiversity!

For Membership information:


Personal Membership:

Cost: US$50/year. Includes a sea turtle of the species of your preference, which has been tagged with an external metal tag in one of our sea turtle conservation projects along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Turtles are tagged on the fore flippers, and the tag has a number which allows us to do the proper follow up. Whenever we obtain records of YOUR turtle in the future, we’ll let you know.

The membership also includes a t-shirt or baseball cap, stickers of our active campaigns, and a printed copy of our newsletter “Tide of Change”. You will also receive updated Pretoma news in our emailbox.

Corporate Membership.

Cost: US$500 – US$5000/year. Includes a hammerhead shark or a sea turtle, tagged with either an acoustic tag ($500) or a satellite tag (more than $2000), in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. As acknowledgment of your participation, we will “baptize” the specimen of your interest with the name of your corporation, allowing for exposure in different forums.

We are proud to present our current Corporate Members, and we invite your corporation to become a part of this effort. Funds are used to support our scientific research, campaigns, and political lobbying.

Institutional Membership.

Free Membership. This Membership is designed for educational centers, and allows for us to take our marine conservation message to a great number of primary education and high school students, and involve them in our campaigns. This initiative was born in 2009, thanks to the support of two national corporations, Mama Activa and Madre Selva. Together, we created “Lets Save the Sea Turtles” campaign.

The Member Institution commits to allowing Pretoma personnel 30 minutes to dictated a lecture to the students on the conservation of sea turtles, sharks, and Marine Protected Areas as conservation tools.

Students are urged to raise funds for the conservation of sea turtles on Costa Rican nesting beaches, by purchasing a sticker for 500 (about 1US$). If the institution can raise 1 million colones (about US$2K), it can opt to adopt a sea turtle or shark tagged with a satellite transmitter, and baptize it with the name of the institution.