Illegal fishing threats this emblematic species

Leatherback in Bejuco 5 night ago, one of CREMA Costa Rica ‘s community based sea turtle conservation projects in the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste. We hadn’t recorded a leatherback in our projects since November of 2017, so this is an excelent news. We formerly (in the early 2000’s) recorded 30 to 50 leatherback nests at our 5 sites (Caletas, San Miguel, Costa de Oro, Bejuco and Corozalito) in a season. Sad that fisheries induced mortality continues to be a major threat and that hammerhead sharks are up next in the extinction process for the same reason.  Fins Attached Marine Research And Conservation Turtle Trax S.A. Miriam Vargas Herrera Mirian Vargas Asobejuco Callie Veelenturf Carlos Mario Orrego Todd Steiner Playas de arribadas de tortuga lora, paslama o golfina Reserva Playa Tortuga Refugiovidasilvestre PlayaHermosa.