Costa Rica prepares to export more than 10 tons of hammerhead shark fins

22 international NGOs and 12,000 individuals from around the world express their concern February 19, 2018 – San José, Costa Rica Ten tons of hammerhead shark fins, accumulating in Inversiones Cruz S.A.’s warehouses since March 1, 2015 when the government issued an...

Help us protect sharks and sea turtles in 2018

Dear CREMA supporters, It's my pleasure to let you in on some great news.  The Sandler Foundation, a passionate supporter of CREMA's shark and sea turtle conservation efforts is matching dollar for dollar new donor contributions and contributions from existing donors...

Constitutional Chamber receives recourse against INCOPESCA for renewal of licenses for shrimp trawling

Constitutional Chamber receives recourse against INCOPESCA for renewal of licenses for shrimp trawling The appeal was accepted by the Constitutional Chamber as a new matter. The Resource was presented by Randall Arauz and Jorge Jimenez, on December 7, 2017.

Recycling Center in Bejuco

We need your help!!   Turtle Trax and CREMA, Costa Rican organizations based in the district...

Shark finning runs rampant in China’s longline fleet

The vessels of the Delian Ocean Fishing company are known for using prohibited fishing gear and...


Proyecto de ley es tramitado en Comisión de Ambiente de Asamblea Legislativa

Comisión de Ambiente tramita proyecto de ley que prohibe pescar tiburones

Se prohibiría pesca de especies de tiburones amenazadas o en peligro de extinción La Comisión de...

Fate of Costa Rican sharks in the hands of the Congress

11 Conservation organization call for convening bill 21.754 to a Plenary Vote

Threatened Shark Species: The Main Target of Costa Rica’s longline fishery

Over 1,000,000 specimens landed from 2015 to 2019. (San José, Costa Rica – March 15, 2022). ...

New report finds Costa Rica is Failing to Sustainably Govern Fisheries and Marine Biodiversity

The report is a multi-country sustainable fisheries project evaluation under the Global Marine Commodities for Sustainable Fisheries (GMC).


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