Adopt a Shark

Satellite tag

Follow up on your shark

Posibility to christen your shark

Adopt a Sea Turtle

Satellite tag

Follow up on your turtle

Possibility to christen your turtle


Details to make a donation

There are several ways to help:

1. GET INVOLVED: Participate in our campaigns, get informed and pass on this information through all the channels at your disposal.
2. Adopt a shark: it will be tagged with acoustic or satellite devices, and you will be able to follow its local movements and migrations.
3. Adopt a Sea Turtle: using acoustic or satellite tags that will allow you to detect its migratory movements and local displacement. 

⊗ Other details about donations

  • Donations can be made in any currency
  • Donations can be made via bank transfer to our bank accounts
  • They can be made through the SIMPE MOVIL platform (83342377), specifying in the detail that it is a voluntary donation.
  • You can also make your contribution by clicking on this link that directs you to Marine Watch International website