Recycling Center in Bejuco

by | Nov 30, 2022

We need your help!!


Turtle Trax and CREMA, Costa Rican organizations based in the district of Bejuco, Guanacaste, have joined forces to collect donations and help Don Aníbal Cortés and his family.

Don Anibal Cortes has provided the collection and recovery service of recyclable waste at local communities for the past 14 years, mainly because the local municipality did not perform this task. However, during all this time, due to the lack of adequate space and conditions in the area, Mr. Aníbal has collected all the waste in his house.

Today, the situation has become unsustainable because the production and consumption of products in homes and businesses have increased significantly. Don Anibal needs a decent and suitable workplace to keep the rural and coastal communities clean. His work is essential for our organizations due to the biological importance of the area and the benefit that his work provides to the conservation of sea turtles. This is why we have proposed to collect donations to build a recycling center for the district of Bejuco where Don Anibal can have the right conditions to work and improve the quality of life of his family.

Don Anibal